Is your SPA able to offer something more than exceptional recreation and procedures? It can be “smart” and take care of the comfort of clients and your costs.

The “Smart Office” system in a SPA center primarily means comfort that allows enjoying procedures of the highest quality. The “Smart Office” system in the SPA center carries out a vital saving function. After all, SPA implies high energy (heating, ventilation) and water (swimming pools, saunas, and whirlpool baths) consumption. The “Smart Office” system makes it possible to optimize the consumption of all of these resources and, at the same time, maintain the comfort level offered by the SPA.

The system helps to supply resources necessary for all of the procedures offered by the SPA flexibly, taking into account occupation of various rooms (swimming pools, saunas, gyms, etc.). The role of the monitoring systems of various rooms and equipment is also very important – various possible breakdowns noticed in time can be removed without the SPA client experiencing any inconvenience due to, for example, cold water or excessive temperature in a sauna.


The “Smart Office” system allows saving SPA costs, which in turn reduces the payback period of the center itself.


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