Medical facilities

Does your medical facility provide medical services of the highest quality and the staff is highly qualified? Ensure the highest qualification to the building of your clinic as well.


Installation of the “Smart Office” solutions in medical facilities (priority is given to private clinics) provides unique advantages in the field of monitoring. This system ensures a continuous contact between the patients and staff of the facility and promptly notifies about any troubles faced by the patients, i.e. a signal from any room in which the patient feels unwell is viewed on the centralized control panel of the staff.

In addition to the monitoring system, the “Smart Office” solutions in medical facilities ensure the highest level of comfort - centrally regulate room temperature according to the specifics of the rooms, ensure adequate ventilation, lighting, etc. Moreover, in each room and administrative premises, the patients and staff have access to the fiber optic internet and opportunity to use the full IPTV service package (e-mail, Facebook, YouTube, Google Maps, etc.) on the TV screen.


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