Do you plan to have a nice, comfortable and, say, 4 star hotel? Earn an extra star and offer your clients exceptional comfort.

In hotels, the “Smart Office” system is originally installed for the comfort. It ensures exceptionally comfortable heating, ventilation, lighting conditions, and in a separate hotel rooms, for example, restaurant or conference room, it is possible to change the operating mode of the systems (heat or ventilate the room, turn on a light mode suitable for meetings or video viewing, etc.) simply by pressing a single button on the control device of your choice (computer, pad or smartphone).

In hotels, building control system is also synchronized with reservation and entrance control systems. All other room maintenance services are controlled centrally, and a complete IPTV (internet protocol television) service package is offered in each hotel room. This service allows the client to watch regular TV programs, access e-mail, surf the internet, use Facebook application, watch videos on YouTube channel, and plan interesting routes with Google Maps application, etc. directly on the TV screen.

It should be kept in mind that “Smart Office” adjustment to the needs of the hotel will help save utility costs significantly, because this system optimizes all costs of your building.

Make your hotel “smart” and your clients will always come back.


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