About us

“Smart House” stands for smart building systems that control all systems of residential houses and offices: lighting, ventilation and conditioning, heating, video and audio equipment, household appliances, video surveillance and security equipment, etc. Such buildings take care of their own security, help to save resources and ensure exceptional comfort for their owners.

If you decide to choose “Smart House”, all systems in your home will be interconnected and used to the fullest extent. One universal remote control allows you to adjust the heating, ventilation, lighting, blinds, household appliances, driveway gate, security system, feed your pets, etc. Moreover, the system will allow you to monitor the “condition” of your house, pay for utilities, get a warning if more resources than set are consumed; in case of emergency, it will also shut down electricity, gas or water supply.

With a solution for business, the system will take care of your office lighting and its easy control; will help create a comfortable and cosy workplace for all office workers; will adjust temperature, ventilation and conditioning of the premises; will ensure the security of people, property and confidential business information located in the office; will allow for improving the work of security staff and reducing the number of undisclosed incidents to the maximum possible extent; will perform accurate accounting of your office utilities (electricity, hot and cold water, gas, etc. consumption) and enable you to save resources.

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