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    • Builders of apartment buildings can choose from two attractive “Smart House” plans: “Medium” and “Premium”. Having installed one of these plans, you will increase enduring value of the building and provide its residents with an exceptional comfort, cost-effectiveness and security. With a “Medium” plan, the experience of our specialists and our innovative solutions, you will be able to offer your customers the basic “Smart House” functions: heating, lighting control and control of the entire building by means of a computer, mobile device or touchscreen panel. Choose a “Premium” plan and your customers will appreciate exceptional comfort, cost-effectiveness and security of their home. Motion sensor in a living environment of your choice, adjustable lighting intensity, multifunction thermostats with LCD screens – all this and many other technological solutions will help create unique living and working conditions.

    • Modern solution for the residents of apartment buildings “Smart Metering” is becoming highly popular, since it is a smart system for meter reading and accounting. It has earned a good name in the industry sector and today is commonly installed in residential neighbourhoods; the system enables the residents to avoid undesirable and obsolete way of writing down meter readings. Extensive functionality of the system will help you to both collect and process meter data, monitor the volume of consumption, generate reports and find all utility costs on a single bill as well as to pay it. Our company has already introduced this solution in a rapidly growing loft-style apartment block “Loft Town” located in Vilnius which is the largest of its kind in Eastern Europe.

    • To further enhance the security of customers’ homes and environment, it is best to choose “Smart House” security solutions. These include video surveillance by means of high-resolution cameras, advanced access control, modern and reliable doorphones, perimeter control that ensures the protection of a specific area by means of microwave cables, etc.

    • Those who are looking for even more cost-effectiveness can choose an attractive self-service system that will help control costs. The system provides the opportunity to set the desired amount to be saved and monitor resource consumption in real time, compare the available data with data of previous months and analyze them. 

    • We will help ensure compliance with the requirements of the EU Energy Performance of Buildings Directive in both newly constructed and renovated buildings. “Smart House” solutions will help facilitate the optimal use of energy resources and save the resources.

    • Compliance with the KNX Global Building Automation Standard will enable you to save: up to 50 percent of heating costs, up to 60 percent of ventilation costs, up to 40 percent of conditioning costs and up to 60 percent of lighting costs.

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