Energy companies

Do you want to deal with loyal clients instead of those dissatisfied and complaining about huge heating bills? Make use of the “Smart Office” solutions.

In this case, the highest priority of the “Smart Office” system is the accounting system which enables the company employees to monitor the amount of energy consumed by their clients in real time. Furthermore, given the company’s needs and settings, information on energy consumption by the clients is presented. This system will provide you with detailed real-time analytical data according to the rules of your choice under which the system will be programmed. You will also receive prompt notifications by the system on any possible breakdowns of energy systems maintained by your company.

Automatic data reading system is linked with the bill payment system and allows for flexible classification of clients into those who pay their bills on time and debtors. However, the clients will also be able to view their energy consumption and plan their future expenses, knowing that at the end of each month the bill will be issued to them automatically.


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