Lighting fixtures should both ensure good lighting and be easily controlled.  Moreover, when shaping house interior or exterior, lighting helps reveal the beauty of your home.

  • “Smart House” switches are smaller and more functional.
  • The switches control light, blinds, heating, ventilation, security and other systems.
  • “Smart House” lighting fixtures can be controlled by a single push of a button from several places.
  • “Smart House” presence and motion sensors provide the opportunity not to use switches in certain places – the light will turn on when you enter the room and turn off when the room is empty.
  • Lighting fixtures operated by “Smart House” system can change the intensity of light, i.e. respond to outdoor brightness, time of day or the desired mood.
  • With the help of lighting, you can create light stages of different moods (wine party, children’s birthday, quiet movie session, etc.) in advance and turn them on by a click of a single button anytime you want.

“Smart House” system helps save up to 60 percent on lighting costs.

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