Control options

  • Conventional switches – these are connected to smart house system, thus can be used to turn on the desired mode, dim/brighten the lighting, close curtains and even switch on the TV.
  • Smart switches indicate whether the controlled device is on or off; moreover, they provide the opportunity to turn on the desired mode, control lighting, blinds and all other systems connected to smart house system.
  • Remote controls – smart housing provides the opportunity to get rid of many remote controls for different devices. All of them can be replaced by a single universal radio and infrared remote control. It is tuned to the smart house system and operates both inside and at a short distance from your home.
  • Touchscreens can be used to create and adjust the modes, control all systems and change time settings. These screens are very convenient in that you can view a plan of the premises, graphical view of the condition of each system, select music, browse the Internet, etc.
  • Sensors – smart house receives signals from various sensors: presence sensors can automatically turn the light on when you enter a room, rain sensors can block your watering system in the event of rain and wind sensors will protect your sunblind from high winds...
  • Control by the time – would not it be nice to be woken up by a slow break of dawn, opening curtains, quiet morning music and the aroma of coffee from the kitchen... The system can adapt to your lifestyle and habits and become an integral part of your life.
  • Control via the Internet – you will be able to see what is turned on or off in the house, monitor the temperature, view meter data and everything that can be necessary for you on an online control site. Moreover, smart house will inform you about any failures occurring in the house.
  • Mobile device (smartphone, tablet) makes it easy to switch the heating mode, turn off the lights or the heating in the bathhouse.
  • TV set has somewhat the same advantages as those of a touchscreen. You can view videos from security cameras, open the gate by means of remote control when your guests arrive, adjust the temperature, etc.

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